Strike a chord

CARMEN: I’m at a nursing home in the West Haven VA Hospital, and as residents of the home are arriving in the rec room...

Virtualize me, cap’n

Virtualize me, cap’n

XINYUAN: So I heard from a friend that there was this humanities class with a 3D scanner. You know, that thing from sci-fi movies ...

Herald Volume LXIII Issue 11:  The Audio Issue

Herald Volume LXIII Issue 11: The Audio Issue

Hi there, My name is Will Reid, and I’m the Herald’s audio editor. This week we’re coming at you with something a little dif...



Amber Cooper is a 21-year old graduate of Yale College. Amber double-majored in History and Economics. She has wavy blonde hair, b...

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Virtualize me, cap’n

Strike a chord

Rock, river, road

Colleges upon a hill

Brazos fuertes: photos from La Habana

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Room to write

Time to reboot

Blind patriots

Udder madness

Get milk!

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Interview: Troubled Emissions by Stefan Colton & N...


I’ll get back to you!

Willoughby’s window watching

Under the wheel

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Hip Hop Bloq Party

Bully pulpits: sharper tongues, sharper teeth, & ...

The president behind the paintings

Film criticism in the modern age

Spelling Allah in neon: naturalizing narratives in mode...

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Red Hot Take, episode 1 (ft. Hannah Offer)

TV: Samurai Jack

Film: Cézanne et Moi

Film: Ghost in the Shell

Music: “Fireproof,” Mitski

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