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The Yale Herald Special Literary Issue

Somewhere in this issue, Andrew Kahn writes, “god: I haven’t been myself lately.” The Herald has not been itself lately. All year the Herald...

Lit Issue

Eastbound on the Third of July

I overheard you on the phone (everyone in our car did—I don’t know if you knew that). Things like: But you said, you said. Fou...

Lit Issue

The Other Secret of Evil

Jorge Luis Borges writes about ideas. And the idea of books and ideas for books. Roberto Bolaño writes about writing. And the im...

Lit Issue

Dialogue & Dialogue 2

Dialogue GOD: I’m going on Lexapro. ME: What changed your mind? GOD: I haven’t been myself lately. ME: Don’t you think you s...

The Bullblog


Shopping for Friends

It could be that you realized over the long summer that you don’t like your “friends” anymore. It could be that they just latched onto you at one point...

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Extreme Makeover: Ronald McDonald Edition

In an attempt to appeal to the young whippersnappers of today, the folks at Mickey-D’s have given Ronald McDonald a new makeover and twitter account.  I for one am... Lin