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Film: Under the Skin

Under the Skin is the one film well outside your comfort zone that you should see this year. You’ll overhear your suite mate’s film major friend talking about “the...

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MOVIE: Adore

Some subjects lend themselves better to comedy than tragedy. Unfortunately, director Anne Fontaine seems to have missed this essential fact. Her new movie Adore is a pathetic attempt to...


Music: Man Man

Man Man’s best work channels the wild, gritty imperfection that makes their live shows so unforgettable. Their experimental rock succeeds when they effectively translate the frenetic joy of their...


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What we’re watching: Game of Thrones Winter is coming on Sunday to answer all the questions you’ve had since Season Two ended last June. Will Robb finally give Joffrey...


Two thousand twelve wasn’t the juiciest year in terms of Yale drama. Nonetheless, one thing struck the Herald as particularly scandalous. We’re big on journalistic integrity, and Fareed Zakaria,...

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The Antlers: Q&A

The Herald strolled through the Green with the Antlers front-man Peter Silberman and discussed going out to sea, Louis C.K., and the emotional power of his music.

Antlers' Undersea
Jack White, on a pensive day.

Music: Black Dice

Black Dice’s latest, Mr. Impossible, falls in the way of most “experimental” music. Many would describe it as interesting (classic euphemism for weird), but few would describe it as...

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Immortal Technique Q&A

Last Sunday, rapper and activist Immortal Technique came to Toad’s. The Herald sat down with him to discuss his thoughts on his work, Afghanistan, Rick Santorum, and hip-hop culture....


Movie: Safe House

If you see Safe House, you will do so for one irrefutable reason: Denzel Washington is a certified bad-ass. In the end, that is reason enough. Nothing about Safe...


Music: Snow Patrol

Bands like Snow Patrol are in an awkward position. They have that one single we all liked whether we admit it or not, and nobody really wants anything more...