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Friendsy is here!

Ever think Toad’s isn’t where you’re going to meet your husband? Ever think Box isn’t where you’re going to meet your wife? Ever think Bass isn’t where you’re going...

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Saved By The Ja Rule

Ja Rule will be performing at Spring Fling on Saturday! Booking Ja was a little tricky, because he’s not always there when you call. But, not to worry, because...

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Easter Meets 4.20

Today is Easter Sunday and it’s also 4/20: the perfect storm for an Egg Hunt. Duuuude. That egg is crazy purple! How do I open it? Oh shit! There’s chocolate...

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Superman Loves Meth

Maybe George Washington just did a lot of ecstasy. Maybe Einstein loved 'shrooms. Maybe Amelia Earhart was all about Peyote. Or, maybe not. You decide.

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