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Saved By The Ja Rule

Ja Rule will be performing at Spring Fling on Saturday! Booking Ja was a little tricky, because he’s not always there when you call. But, not to worry, because...

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Easter Meets 4.20

Today is Easter Sunday and it’s also 4/20: the perfect storm for an Egg Hunt. Duuuude. That egg is crazy purple! How do I open it? Oh shit! There’s chocolate...

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Superman Loves Meth

Maybe George Washington just did a lot of ecstasy. Maybe Einstein loved 'shrooms. Maybe Amelia Earhart was all about Peyote. Or, maybe not. You decide.

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Boom/Bust: February 14, 2014

Incoming: Using moisturizer It’s Valentine’s Day week and moisturizer sales are through the roof. In this weather, your skin is bound to dry out. Dry skin begets dry skin...