Articles by Sophie Grais

Kai Takahashi / YH Staff

Cyber stacks

The revamped Sterling marks a radical acceptance of the evolving nature of knowledge and a necessary embrace of digital technology. With this shifted landscape, the role of the library...

(photo by Rebecca Wolenski/YH Staff)
(Julia Kittle-Kamp/YH Staff)

Up in the air

It’s a quiet Wednesday morning for Tweed New Haven airport when I visit. A few cars dot the short-term parking lot, a single security guard patrols the lobby. Tweed...

(photo by Juliet Liu)
(Madeline Butler/YH Staff)

A cure for the community

In September, Yale-New Haven Hospital acquired the Hospital of St. Raphael, a small, non-profit Catholic hospital that has been a landmark of healthcare provision in this city for over...

Ain't nothin but a gangsta party. (Maude Tisch/YH)


Remember that kid at summer camp who couldn’t play outdoor freeze tag? Who could only participate in select activities, like learning sidestroke and playing Newcomb (also known as volleyball...

(Julia Kittle-Kamp/YH Staff)
way more effective than a stairmaster. (wikimedia commons)
Free skool! Free paper! (
Chalk these up there. (Maude Tisch/YH)
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