Articles by Sophie Haigney

Lit Issue


Jigsaws The strings of your violin are attached to my heartstrings. That is how I would begin a poem about you. I am too proud to say what I...

2014-04-11 b

New Haven, 06520

Students run frantically around New Haven—from a research lab, the Yale Center for British Art, Union Station, the gym. One girl goes to Shake Shack. Another runs into Claire’s...

Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff


Alexa, years later, is making an art of chopping tomatoes and I am watching her. She pierces the flesh in a smooth circle and pries apart two halves. It...

Jin Ai Yap YH Staff
Julia Kittle-Kamp/YH Staff
Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff

Power lines

“Don’t let the United Illuminating Company turn our ‘Elm City’ into ‘Wire City,’” wrote New Haven resident Gail Curran in a letter to Mayor Toni Harp, ARC ’78. And...

Madeline Butler YH Staff

Fitting in

It looms at 80 feet tall, its transparent glass façade grounded by a series of spindly columns flanking each side. The 2.25 million pounds of glass, four million tons...