Articles by Sophie Haigney

Graphic by Alex Swanson

Choice in crisis

Birthright of Greater New Haven feels a little like a grandma’s parlor, except for the small plastic models of fetuses on display. There’s a green velvet couch, flowers on...


Best animal

The koala. My first AIM screenname was koalagrl1212 and my password for everything since fourth grade has been some version of “koala.” Is it a bad idea to put...


Best panlist

Everyone, get on Caroline Smith’s New Haven panlist. She sends out bi-weekly emails about what’s going on in the Have. It’s changed my life—actually, it’s mostly changed my life...

fiction and poetry-06


We start in Burgos but I really start in Madrid. I spend a honey afternoon in the Parque del Buen Retiro, waiting for Alex’s flight and drinking caña. This...


Taking the temperature

Wednesday night, I met about 45 other girls in the Kappa Alpha Theta House before the weekly chapter meeting. We shuffled around the room, trying to get in some kind of...

Lit Issue


Jigsaws The strings of your violin are attached to my heartstrings. That is how I would begin a poem about you. I am too proud to say what I...

2014-04-11 b

New Haven, 06520

Students run frantically around New Haven—from a research lab, the Yale Center for British Art, Union Station, the gym. One girl goes to Shake Shack. Another runs into Claire’s...

Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff


Alexa, years later, is making an art of chopping tomatoes and I am watching her. She pierces the flesh in a smooth circle and pries apart two halves. It...

Jin Ai Yap YH Staff
Julia Kittle-Kamp/YH Staff
Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff

Power lines

“Don’t let the United Illuminating Company turn our ‘Elm City’ into ‘Wire City,’” wrote New Haven resident Gail Curran in a letter to Mayor Toni Harp, ARC ’78. And...

Madeline Butler YH Staff

Fitting in

It looms at 80 feet tall, its transparent glass façade grounded by a series of spindly columns flanking each side. The 2.25 million pounds of glass, four million tons...