Articles by Vincent Tolentino

Jin Ai Yap

Oct. 5

It’s worth at least mentioning that the sunlight is white-gold. It’s burning through clouds. The maple in the yard is still green all over. The neighbor’s elm tree has...

Lit Issue


12:14 p.m. “The biggest pyramid in the world? With a church on top?” The ad is for Mexico. The station is Bridgeport. I’ve spent the first quarter of this...

Spring Fling Survey
(Vincent Tolentino/YH Staff)
Dearcorp. (Wikimedia Commons)
Grizzly Bear's Shields (Wikimedia Commons)

Barking at sea lions

This happened one night whilst barking at sea lions: La Jolla, California—my friend Kat, Richard Duardo the printmaker, and I were in La Jolla for an art show opening,...


Up to the farm

Farmers. That’s what they’re called. Overalls, pitchforks, tractors, and all. This is the age-old conception. This is how city folk like me were raised to think of farms and...

with football photo (saved by sally)

Music Review: The Witmark Demos

Coffee, typewriter, wine, four—maybe five—packs of cigarettes. These, the implements of the poet, are the still-life foreground on the album’s cover. Bob Dylan hunches at his manuscript. No instruments...

Come to our show this Saturday or the wax guy gets it. (Courtesy Myspace)
Courtesy Sufjan Stevens