5 classes to take if you want to read some long, juicy novels

I am a very, very slow reader, so I try to stick to poetry and theory when I’m taking English classes—see, for example, the agony I went through to try to finish any of the books for Yeazell’s Henry James class on time. But I know there are people blessed with quickness on the order of the ailing Harold Bloom, so here are some classes for you:

1. ENGL 265—The Victorian Novel—Ruth Yeazell—MW 11:35-12:25 LORIA 250

Yeazell is brilliant and charming, so if you can stomach Hardy, it’s a very solid bet.

2. LITR 228—Literary Ethics: Dinesen and Sebald—Carol Jacobs—M 1:30-3:20 HGS 303

I told David Bromwich about this course, and he called it “quite novel.” And there were so many people there on the first day that if you sent her an e-mail now saying you wanted in, you have as good a shot as anyone.

3. LITR 206—Studies in the Novel: Tolstoy—Vladmir Alexandrov—MW 2:30-3:20 LC 317

Five words: Anna Karenina, War and Peace. If you haven’t read these two books, you’re missing out on life.

4. ENGL 969—Narratives of Formation—Barry McCrea—M 9.25-11.15 CO451 B-04

Formation takes a long time… let beloved Irishman Barry McCrea walk you through it. It’s a grad class, but the description says specifically that it’s open to undergrads.

5. ENGL 305—Austen, Bronte & Twentieth Century Women’s Novels—Katie Trumpener—MW 2:30-3:45 LC 203

Go ahead, indulge your Colin Firth fantasies—and read Prep for Yale College credit while you’re at it!

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