5 Most Romantic Places to Take Your Valentine.

It’s not over yet!  In the next three hours you and your loved one can still go to these places and revel in the romantic glory of the completely unremarkable Tuesday that is St. Valentine’s Day.

1.) Selin Courtyard, Sterling Memorial Library.

This place has it all–moonlight, privacy, and cherubs peeing into a fountain.  Ahh, l’amour.

2.) The top of Harkness Tower.

This probably only works if you’re a carillonneur, but it’d be sick.

3.) Chocopologie.

This may or may not be a thing.  Either way, everyone loves chocolate (especially if they’re alone on Valenitine’s Day).

4.) Toad’s.

I’m using “romantic” loosely.  But in Toad’s defense, it’s probably been the site of more “romance” than any place else in New Haven.

5.) Your bedroom.

Enough said.

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