50 Shades of Crimson

The old maxim that Harvard students have no fun may not be true for much longer.  As the Crimson reported yesterday, the Harvard College Munch–an affinity group of about 30 students interested in discussing BDSM sex over meals–has been approved as an official student group by the Committee for Student Life, beginning today.  The news might not be much of a surprise for us–after all, we already knew that you’d have to be a masochist to voluntarily spend four years at Harvard–but it’s making waves around the Internet.  However, as the New York Observer reported earlier this month, our Puritanical friends up in Cambridge are comparatively slow to jump onboard the kink train (not surprisingly, we beat them to it): “Columbia has a BDSM group. So do Tufts, MIT, Yale and the University of Chicago.”  Last February, a panel meant to debunk some of the misinformation swirling around BDSM was held in Linsly-Chittenden Hall as part of Sex Week.

My personal favorite piece of coverage to come out of this story is the following E.L. James-worthy tidbit from a flabbergasted Fox News: “The established club now means that heartland valedictorians who harbor dark carnal secrets they never felt they could discuss will now be able to lean on the like-minded.”  But perhaps the most clear-sighted commentary on the Munch comes from an unlikely corner: Barstool Sports.  “You know what every other college in the country calls…sitting around a table at lunch time and talking about sex? It’s called lunch.”

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