A gay old time!

Love on top--of the roof of 220 York. (

This coming February, GALA, Yale’s LGBT Alumni Association, will be hosting its second reunion.  The fact that this organization exists and is able to throw three-day-long reunions on our campus is pretty awesome in and of itself, but to top things off, Yale undergrads and recent alums have put together an absolutely fabulous video celebrating Yale’s LGBT community, past and present.  The addictive music video–directed by Charlie Polinger ’13, produced by Katherine Nelson ’13, choreographed by Michael Rosen ’14, and featuring top-notch cinematography by Jeffrey Star ’13–is set to an a cappella medley of gay anthems that should be familiar to anyone who’s taken Professor Chauncey’s U.S. Gay and Lesbian History, including “Over the Rainbow,” “Prove It On Me Blues,” and “I’m Coming Out” (arranged by recent alum Ben Wexler).

The music video, which was only released two days ago, is already generating a lot of hype online, popping up on Buzz Feed and popular gay blog Towleroad.  And in a happy twist of fate, it coincides with a historic week for LGBT rights, including the first approval of gay marriage through popular vote, in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota, the election of the first openly gay senator, and this stellar group Halloween costume from the Burtka-Harris family.

Pretty great stuff.

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