A look ahead at The Game: Harvard’s fight song lol

In 1908, the overcast weather lent a forboding vibe to The Game

In 1908, the overcast weather lent a forboding vibe to The Game

The Game is now less than 26 days away. The City is 80.8 miles away. The Bandit is Burt Reynolds’s best role. Try The Grouper, it’s great!

Why is it that these things deserve such capitalization? What makes these particular items standout from the category to which they belong in such a way that they claim their respective titles outright? Aren’t there other games (like Yale versus Georgetown, Checkers, Hi Ho! Cherry-O) that we trivialize by dubbing the contest between Yale and Harvard “The Game”?

Well, yes. But that’s the point, you see. And if you don’t get what’s so important about The Game, then FORGET YOU, MAN! It’s called The Game because it’s about a conflict so essential, so deep-rooted, that any other name would inevitably shortchange its grandeur. To illustrate the all-importance of the contest, we recently unearthed an old-time Harvard fight song. This should begin to explain why the November 19 game matters so much. It is about an ideological clash so profound and irreconcilable that it must be meted out at the Yale Bowl.

Here it is. It is really bad. Hate it with me:

Fight Fiercely, Harvard!
Fight, Fight, fight!
Demonstrate to them our skill.
Albeit they possess the might,
Nonetheless we have the will.
How we shall celebrate our victory:
We shall invite the whole team
Up for tea! How jolly!
Hurl that spheroid down the field
And Fight! Fight! Fight!

Like, come on.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, taken by George R. Lawrence Co.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Oh, please. This is a Tom Lehrer song that was written as a parody (in the 1960s), not a real Harvard song. I think you’ve been pwned.

  2. Ari says:

    Oh man! I just said that to my roommate EXACTLY! It’s a really good song though, as are most Tom Lehrer songs. Here’s a link:

    ALSO, worthwhile to look up Bright College Days, by Lehrer (it mentions Mory’s! Oh Jolly!):

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