An unholy alliance?

Yes, my Facebook is in Italian. w/e

In an act akin to freshman boy friending a senior girl, Box Bar has extended a hand of friendship to Toad’s Place, the grande dame of New Haven’s bustling social scene. The ever-ubiquitous Facebook page for Toad’s Place at Yale posted a screenshot of Box Bar’s request earlier this evening, with the accompanying caption “New Friend!!” At the time of this post, however, the two rivaling businesses were not, as far as I could tell, officially Facebook friends. From experience, let me tell you that the “Not Now” button really hurts, no matter how many times people use it on you.

We’ve just entered October, so that means we’re so very close to nearing Christmastime. The winter holidays are all about putting aside your differences and forging new relationships with unlikely companions. I’m so glad that Box Bar has reached out to Toad’s Place — my only hope is that other New Haven businesses will follow suit.

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