A Belated Thanksgiffing

Get your GIF on

You heard it here second, giffers! Your favorite bite-sized media tool is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The always reliable Yahoo News tells us that tumblr’s pet niece, the GIF, has just beat out YOLO for WORD OF THE YEAR.

The Oxford American Dictionary, ugly stepbrother to the OED, named GIF as the 2012 Word of the Year. The Brits elected as their WotY “omnishambles”–which certainly surprised us, thinking our Yalie and NY banker term for getting wasted at the Omni was too provincial and underground to get noticed. Oh, England!

But the hearty American GIF, actually an acronym for some computer stuff and actually (apparently) pronounced, as in peanut butter, “jif,” beat out YOLO, omnishambles, and even also-ran “nomophobia”–the fear of having no mo’bile phone. No surprise here. To me, a good gif is like whipping out your paisley silk handkerchief–monogrammed if you’re doing it right–to blow your nose: it’s classy, personalized and nonverbal. When you don’t know what to say or how to say in words the ugly face you’re making, say it with a gif.

That’s why it’s simultaneously such an honor and a paradox for our favorite wordless phenom to be granted the lexicographical crown. Gif that, ya herd? (according to Yahoo News, gif is so special because it is *~*also a verb*~*).

Here are some of our favorite gifs from across the universe. Pair with a fine sherry and a space heater.

The perfect response to an email

When you know you’re both correct and unappreciated

Dance tips

Other way, dummy!

My pick-up line

Halloween when it sizzles

Indignation plastic-ified

When you’re unfairly singled out for responding to your slack-jawed cousin’s taunts at Thanksgiving


If you’d tailgated a tiny bit better

He lost his comfort duckie

How to troll a potato chip collector

Crabs srsly don’t give a fuck

Last class on Thursday

A dance I recognize

People Magazine’s “Sexiest 3 Men Alive After Kim Jong Un And Also Many Others Who Are Not Alive”

For when you’re angry

Why wasn’t this insanely offensive 15 years ago?

For when you’re carsick

Mrs. Doubtpoppins

Police literally love animals

How to be a handywoman

The truth about sexuality

Ordering at Booktrader

When you just can’t get excited

Discussing your final paper with Marina Abramovic

Messy eater

Deflated enthusiasm – still loling

My reaction to  this.

Ber t Discovers 50 Shades of Grey


A news correspondent

Tell me more!

The best weapon is surprise

Make-a-Wish donation

Everytime I think I can predict it…

Those coffee cups are from Costco

Thank you always, Discovery Channel

A feel-good reassurance

Exactly what I woulda done in that situation

Dancing with my friends

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