Best storefronts, a.k.a. best mirrors in New Haven

Yes, this is actually a post. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’m not the only student that uses the many large storefront windows as a means of checking my own appearance.  Let’s be real. There’s a pretty good chance that in between leaving my room and walking for 3-5 minutes, a bird has pooped on my jacket, or the wind has tossed my hair to the point of some major bed head. If it helps, think of this post as an effort to help students be more resourceful. This has nothing to do with vanity…

Best three window fronts:

1. Beineke Rare Book & Manuscript Library: Yeah so it’s not actually a storefront, but it’s easily the best place on campus to do a quick once-over of your appearance. The very few students who actually do go inside this library won’t care; they’re more consumed with the sacred books they’re holding than watching you.

2. Tyco: Weird, I know, but since I live on Lynwood I usually walk past this shop at least once a day. Pros: some GREAT reflection no matter the time of day, very few students in the store outside of shopping period/start of classes, and you can even continue to stare at yourself while walking past Gant (nobody is ever in that there and there’s also some crystal-clear reflection in those windows).

3. Box 63: Ok so I don’t recommend this at night (and it’s also near impossible to do this at night anyways), but during the day Box is such a good place to check out your reflection. There is close to zero people in during the day, and gazing through the glass is literally as though you’re looking into a mirror. Pristine.

Worst three window fronts:

1. ABP: The wall of ABP is essentially one huge window, and looking inside in the morning is usually met with a gaze from some creeper on the inside. Save yourself the embarrassment and cross the street to Gant/Tyco (see #2).

2. That one store-that-was-Bulldog-Burrito (R.I.P., 2004-2011): You can’t see squat with all that white paper in the windows…don’t worry, I’ve tried.

3. Starbucks: Again, too much window, too many people, too awkward.

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