“Big” food now served at the Peabody

If these burgers look fake to you too, it's probably because they were made to last until December 2nd, 2012


According to the event’s description, over-nourishment and obesity now trump under-nourishment as the world’s leading food and nutrition problem! In light of this, this new exhibit –  sponsored by CARE at the Yale School of Public Health, the Rudd center, and the Peabody – will be opening this upcoming Saturday. That morning, the exhibit – “Big Food: Health, Culture, and the Evolution of Eating” – will open at 10am with a reception featuring local food- and health-related organizations, crafts, a puppet show, a scavenger hunt, and even… a Zumba class? That way, if this exhibit makes you feel guilty about the food you eat, you’ll have a way to work off the calories doing Zumba. How efficient! Be sure to check out the teaser album that Yale just published on Facebook; it’ll compel you to consider walking over to the Peabody for the first time ever.

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