BK Dean Hicks is leaving Yale

In an e-mail sent to Berkeley College students today, Dean Kevin Hicks (who teaches “Hawthorne” among other things) is stepping down to take the position of associate head of school and dean of faculty at Hotchkiss, the boarding school.  The e-mail is very, very long and very detailed, and describes Dean Hicks’s emotional turmoil and resolution at this moment of leaving Yale.  He also informs Berkeleyans of their administrative destiny once he’s gone:

Master Chun and the Yale College Dean’s Office will begin the search for a new Dean of Berkeley College immediately. The person fortunate enough to land the job won’t be quite like me—that would be both disturbing and redundant—but I know he or she will be just right for this place.

Sad face. Happy face? Melancholy face.

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  1. Alana says:

    Dean Hicks! :'(

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