Book Trader – a tribute

Chalk these up there. (Maude Tisch/YH)

Some sandwich suggestions for our local literary cafe. They will all be more than $5, so not to worry. Cards are welcome.


A Portrait of the Turkey as a Young Bird

The Ketchup on the Rye

In Cold Cuts

Anna Kale-enina

The Sound and the Feta

For Whom the Bell Pepper Tolls

Boar’s Head Revisited

Paradise Grilled

Lingonberry Finn


The Old Man and the Caesar

Chicken Tender Buttons

The Byronic Hero (sandwich by Juliet Liu)

Don Quihoagie (sandwich by Juliet Liu)

The Prince and the Po’Boy (sandwich by Juliet Liu)

Absalom, Absalami! (sandwich by Juliet Liu)


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