BREAKING: Lil’ Kim to have a child!

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Notorious K.I.M. is having a baby! I’ve never been happier for her, except when La Bella Mafia went platinum in 2003. But actually, this is better, because she’s announcing the identity of the baby daddy on her NEW REALITY TV SHOW. There is speculation that prizefighter Floyd (Money) Mayweather Jr. is the father, but rapper Mr. Papers has also claimed the baby is his. Anywho, if you care about who the father is then you will definitely play into this subtle publicity stunt and watch the show.

In the meantime, fans have been going nuts and cracking jokes about her multiple surgeries on twitter, the site where everyone’s opinion matters. All I have to say is respect her technique people, Kim started in the streets and changed the female rap game, along with Missy Elliott. If she wants to get 17 facelifts– let her do her! If she wants her bodyguard to carry her into NY Fashion Week– let her do her!

Play an easier game: guess what she’s gonna name the kid! My bet is currently on Littlest Kim, or maybe Benjamin (Franklinz) if it’s a boy.


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