BREAKING: Movie being filmed in WLH

Ready for my close up! (Wikimedia Commons)

Lights. Camera. A short guy with a really well groomed beard. Catered lunch. More cameras. Cross Campus.

That’s right, there is a MOVIE (commercial?) being filmed in WLH as we speak, so get the shit to 100 Wall Street for your chance at fame. Follow in Lupita’s footsteps—your dreams are valid, remember? Class of 2014—it’ll be like The Graduate! Just literally get to WLH right now if you want to get discovered because the sandwiches from Panera are getting cold.

More as this develops/I get out of Economics of Natural Resources.

UPDATE (11:34 p.m.): It seems as though there are photographs being taken with models — hopefully there’s an opportunity to show off our college-looks because I’m wearing the most normcore outfit ever right now!!!!~

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