Brooks to bring the “Humility”

It's OCI official.

The semester is winding down, but section assholes, take note: your attempts to suckle at the power teat may just be getting started.

You may be familiar with David Brooks from his three books, from his New York Times columns, or from his presence on PBS NewsHour, but if that just doesn’t feel like enough, you will soon have a really slim chance to know the “liberals’ favorite conservative” in a totally different capacity: as your professor. That’s right—this “spring,” Brooks will be bringing his famed self and his less-well-known teaching credentials (?) to our very own campus.

And what’s he teaching? It would only make sense for this course to be called “Humility.” Brooks is not only a real big name in general but also kind of an expert on the topic—a quick Google search reveals that he’s written on it in the NYT and discussed it at the Aspen Ideas Festival—so we can pretty much agree that this is fitting. As if the irony weren’t already enough, this class is also a Global Affairs seminar, so, like, humility, guys. Perfect. Especially recommended if you were tempted by Grand Strategy but really just don’t have the ego for it.

See you in section! Let’s get schooled, humble pie all around. Be there or be no one.

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