Bullblog style guide: The quest for the blue Oxford


As Ivy Style is now on display at a museum, I think now’s as good of a time as ever to check out the Holy Trinity of New Haven men’s wear—Gant, Jack Wills and J Press. Only for men, and only pricey, these stores are relics of The Old (?) Yale. On a quest for a light-blue Oxford shirt, I decided to pop my head in this afternoon to get educated.

Oxford: $115
Located on the corner that probably has the most foot-traffic of any of Yale’s real estate holdings, shoppers on any sort of budget need not step into this university outfitter. Despite the large sector of the market that this store isolates, their light-blue oxford titled,“The Yale Co-op” proudly represents all of us! And their advertising campaign for the shirt even features some of Yale’s preppiest dudes.

Jack Wills
Oxford: $89
The only place I know where you can get Fabulously British. The overall styling of the down vests and Oxfords, along with the fact that this store also sells women’s wear makes it, indisputably, the most contemporary of the three.

J Press
Oxford: $98 ($83.3 after 15% Yale student discount)
If you are cool, and also from Nantucket, and also from the 1950s, you should go into J Press—you’ll love it in there. The store features  racks on racks on racks of plaid pastel sport coats, and a vaguely off-putting excess of mirrors (constantly reminding you  that you are, in fact, inside J Press). But sorry ladies, it’s hard to tell if girls are even allowed in.

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