Bullblog tip-off: Color Run and Paint Party to benefit Kiva Microfinance

Let's get really dirty and sweaty and rage! (Google images)

In case you didn’t get your fill of paint (and now paint-stained clothing) from last weekend, you have another chance! Head over to Phelps Gate tomorrow to get dirty and sweaty at the Color Run and Paint Party to benefit Kiva Microfinance.

I guess that Paint Parties are the new hip thing to throw. I totally missed this memo, obviously, or I probably would have thrown one, too. Berkeley had Glo, then DKE had a mixer with Pi Phi and Theta. And now, Net Impact is following the trend. But it’s putting its own spin on it.

Not only do you get to get really grossly covered in paint, but it’s even more disgusting because you’re also really sweaty from your 5K run! I guess this must be appealing to some, and if it’s you then you should probably go donate $5 and show support tomorrow by registering. And if you’re curious what it’s going to be like, check out this video!!

The reasoning behind Paint Parties must be that someone at some point had a good fucking time at one and decided to make them a “thing.” To me, there is nothing fun or exciting about signing up to get paint splattered on you. You bump into someone and suddenly there’s yellow and green and orange all over your body and you had no control over it. It’s particularly unfortunate when you’re in the shower a few hours later (or the next morning, most likely) and the paint in your hair just really seems to want to stay there. But then again, if you’re like me, we should probably just let the people who for some unknown reason enjoy these parties have a good ol’ time and take our pity party somewhere else.

Anyways, if you’re looking to darty tomorrow afternoon, head over to the New Haven Green at 2pm. (Added bonus: this might be the first and last time you will ever party on the New Haven Green.)

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