Bullblog Tipoff: Pi Phi Cures Cancer

OMG! No one told me cancer was pink! (Wikimedia Commons)

Last week the fine ladies of Pi Phi accepted a new class of angels. With their new pledge class also came a cure for cancer. This Wednesday, Relay for Life and Pi Phi Present: KISS AWAY CANCER at Toad’s. Head over to Toad’s at 11 PM on February 13th to celebrate the courageous work of Pi Beta Phi.

This goes to show why Pi Phi is the best sorority at Yale. Pi Phi girls have testified in front of Senatorial Commissions, raised many billions of dollars, given Intro Psych lectures, babysat black kids, gotten late night Ashley’s, done Bikram yoga, and now CURED CANCER!!!!!!!!!! Those fabulous girls did all that while wearing the wine and silver blue. What a feat? Pi Phi has set a precedent. This just goes to show that simply by following the core values of Pi Phi (Integrity, Honor and Respect, Lifelong Commitment, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others, and Sincere Friendship) we too can solve the world’s problems. And they kissed their way to a cure? Yay! #PPL

Pi Phi is also rumored to be hosting an I H8 Heart Disease party at Kudeta next week and a Mela-No-More Melanoma Eradication Mixer at the Heavyweight Crew house. Stay tuned for all the deets.

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