Bullblogslist: Sorry this is really icky


Today’s Bullblogslist post, which comes from the “general for sale” section of the Craigslist New Haven site, is kind of vile, so I apologize in advance. I was really just struck by the poster’s claim that the taxidermy turkey in question “NEEDS A LITTLE HELP” with some of his plumage. That seemed like a kind way to articulate its problem.  But after looking at the picture, I couldn’t help but feel like whatever that thing is needs more than a little help. Ick.

Also, good thing the poster (Russ, to those of us in the know) clarified that “THE OTHER ONE IS A GOOSE.” Could have been confusing. And it’s just not entirely clear what he’s getting at with this post. Might be worth calling him for further clarification, as he so generously offered? Or not.

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