Dramat shoutout in “Ghost Writer”!



The incredible Olivia Williams and the unmatchable Tom Wilkinson in The Ghost Writer

The Dramat can add a new famous name to its already super-duper roster of talented alumni.  Well, sort of.  In Roman Polanski’s new movie The Ghost Writer (at Criterion now!), Tom Wilkinson’s character, a Harvard professor, claims to have been high up in the Dramat’s ranks (we all saw Tom Wilkinson in Michael Clayton and In the Bedroom, right?  Okay, good).  Here’s how the convo goes (kind of):

Tom Wilkinson: I was president of the Dramat, so I had a lot of fun with that.
Ewan McGregor: WTF is that??
Tom Wilkinson: The Yale Dramatic Association.  I continued to kick dramatic ass at Cambridge with the former Prime Minister that you’re now working for/suspicious of.

Yale actually gets a number of mentions throughout the movie, but this one is definitely the coolest!  The movie is also notable for an obligatory Ewan McGregor nude scene (check plus!) and a hilarious comic turn by Kim Cattrall, whose British accent can only be described as REALLY BAD.

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