Edible Arrangements does something useful, for once

You’ve seen the Chapel St. branch of Edible Arrangements on your way to Chipotle/Jobella/Foot Locker. If you’re normal, you’ve either a) never taken note of it or b) gently mocked it in a conversation-gone-boring. If you’re me, you’ve ordered one of these bad boys for someone who was annoyed at you, and probably wasn’t envisioning a bunch of unripe, flower-shaped fruit in an oversized mug by way of an apology. In my experience, Edible Arrangement sorries are only about 47% effective, and about 110% overpriced. In other words, not worth a pit stop on the way to your burrito/bikini wax/new pair of dunks.

All that being said, it was reported today that Tariq and Kamran Farid, founders of EA, have donated $100,000 in support of the Yale School of Medicine’s Pediatric Oncology Department’s Psychosocial Service, which helps families of children with cancer through their struggles. Kamran Farid was treated at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital for leukemia as a boy.

In other words, they may not help you through your break up, but they’re supporting just about the best ol’ cause there is. I’ll toast (an oversized mug filled with flower-shaped fruit) to that.

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