Election 2012: where to vote

By this time next week your vote will be cast — and who knows, it might even be your first time.  But first you have to know where to vote. Here is a guide that will hopefully help you avoid that terrible moment when an elderly polling employee gives you a pitying look as she redirects you to your actual polling place.

Important: where you vote depends on where you registered, not on where you live now. This means if you currently live in Morse but registered when you lived on Old Campus, you would still vote where people who live on Old Campus vote (Main Library on 133 Elm Street).  It also does not correspond exactly to the aldermanic wards (ex: Pierson is in Ward 2 but votes for national elections as if it was in Ward 22). If you are still unsure about what to do, check out, which specifies where you personally should vote.  Here are some general guidelines:

If you registered when you lived in:

Old Campus, Branford, Berkeley, Calhoun, Jonathan Edwards, Saybrook, Silliman, Timothy Dwight or Trumbull: Main Library on 133 Elm Street

Ezra Stiles, Davenport, Pierson, Morse: Wexler Grant School, 55 Foote Street


Ward 2: Troup Magnet School, 259 Edgewood Ave

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