Exclusive Interview: The Child Who Doesn’t Know Enough to Ask a Question



As you may have heard, “seder” means “order,” and tonight is the first night of passover! I got to sit down with one of the Four Sons of Passover, the fourth son himself, the one, the only, the Child Who Doesn’t Know Enough to Ask a Question. Spoiler alert: he does know enough.

JS: “Hey! Ready for tonight?”

4s: “Are you ready?”

JS: “Nope, still scouting out places to hide Afikomen. Any suggestions?”

4s: “I don’t know, do I have any suggestions?”

JS: “Classic! What is your favorite passover tradition?”

4s: “You think you’re the only one in Charlestown with a gun?”

JS: “No, I know better. What do you think about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016?”

4s: “Turn down for what?”