Extreme Makeover: Ronald McDonald Edition


In an attempt to appeal to the young whippersnappers of today, the folks at Mickey-D’s have given Ronald McDonald a new makeover and twitter account.  I for one am unimpressed with this feeble attempt at a rebranding.

For starters, this generation is very well trained when it comes to recognizing kidnappers, so perhaps having a clown try to lure kids into his establishment by giving them toys and ice cream is not the best business strategy.  Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t really think that the creepy clown aesthetic is helping anyone.

In regards to clothing, Mr. McDonald will be sporting cargo pants and a vest because nothing says, “I’m hip!” like wearing cargo pants and a vest.  As far as the social networking side goes, I must also say that I am unimpressed given that my grandma got a twitter three months ago.

Although I don’t agree with all of Ronny McDonny’s principles, I think that we can continue to coexist; that is until he sends me a snapchat.

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