Finally, the media (or at least Leon Neyfakh) gets it

Yale has not had a good press run recently. A lot of the coverage of our fine institution hinges on some Stover-era image of Yale as a squeaky clean, hyper-preppy, hyper-intelligent den of WASPs, and relies on the contradiction of this image for shock value. It’s rare that a publication (outside, perhaps of this one) gets Yale right.

That’s why this week’s New York Observer article by Leon Neyfakh, “The Yaliens Among Us,” is so miraculous. Somehow, in covering Yalies who move to New York, Neyfakh has covered the entire University. The Bullblog’s favorite paragraph?

That doesn’t stop Yaliens from imbuing those institutions with a lot of import. Certain off-campus houses that get passed down from one group of kids to another are all known only by their street numbers. As one current student said, “67 Edgewood can’t just be a house where people live: It has to be ‘67,’ this magical concept.” (The other big ones at the moment are 115, 113, 37-39 and 28.)

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