Frat dog to star in Newest Air Bud Movie: Air Bud: Pong Pup X-treme

Yale's latest A-lister Jackson Margaritaville Wasserman (credits: Florian Koenigsberger)

Yesterday,  Sigma Phi Epsilon pledged its newest member, Jackson Margaritaville Wasserman, a golden retriever puppy that has caught Yale by storm. With his own facebook page, Jackson’s cuteness has seemingly penetrated everyone’s Facebook newsfeed, leading rival blog “Cross Campus” to feature an especially adorable photo of the dog on the cover of today’s YDN.

But here at the Bullblog, we are ready to break a newer, more important story. A credible source has informed us that given Mr. Margaritaville Wasserman’s breed and presumed experience of his time on High Street, the golden retriever has been cast to star and do all of his own stunts in the latest installment of the Air Bud series titled: Air Bud: Pong Pup X-treme. According to the press release about the film, in this movie, Air Bud will overcome his natural disposition to retrieve in exchange for hard-earned skills in throwing, thus becoming the best beer pong player on earth.

This seems like the next chapter in a long line of Yalies to experience major cinema success. We wish him well!



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