Girl deferred from Yale makes video appeal to the admissions committee (She’s “White and Blue for You!”)

Jackie Milestone is a high school senior who got deferred early-action from Yale– but she wasn’t about to let that get in the way of coming here. Instead of wallowing in self-pity until regular-action letters come in April, Jackie decided to write a catchy song that shows her devotion to Yale: “White and Blue for You”.

The video depicts the dramatic moment when Jackie first heard the news that she hadn’t gotten in to her dream school. After reading the letter she falls to the floor where her two huge dogs, dressed in Yale t-shirts, rush to comfort her. She falls into her waterbed, which is covered in more of her collection of Yale t-shirts.

But Jackie got up. She put on every single one of those Yale t-shirts and she wrote an (annoyingly, kind of catchy) song and recorded a video of it– all in the hopes of one day “being in your stonewall embrace.”

Her water bed and extremely large collection of Yale t-shirts might be creepy. But, hey– at least she’s not this girl who did the same thing for Harvard.

Will it work? Who knows– these college counselors say that if you are deferred, “Don’t be cute or clever.”

Good luck, Jackie– with getting in, and with burying this video as soon as you do.

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  1. Rachel says:

    HEY! there is no need to snotty or snappy. the college admissions process is tough, and people will try any thing they can do get in. This is certainly more creative than a simple letter, and it shows how passionate she is about attending yale. Also, it was probably partially a nice way to destress from all of the anxiety that is senior year and the waiting for college results.

  2. Heidi says:

    The article starts off saying she wrote a “catchy song” and then a paragraph later refers to it as an “annoying, kind of catch song”. Catchy or annoying it made the Yale Herald listen and write an article about it! Also the quote from the New York Times article by two college counselors was taken out of context…in fact it said “Don’t be cute or clever — unless your whole application tells us you’re cute or clever, in which case it would be consistent. But this is not a time to be something you’re not.” – Doesn’t seem to me that Jackie is putting on an act… So good for you Jackie, way to keep your dream alive.

  3. Stoopsdude says:

    Doesn’t she know that one only orders a moose tracks milkshake at Yorkside…

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