Guide for Teachers Using Media in the Classroom


This applies to all professors over 40, and TAs who are rather young yet infuriatingly lack the ability to competently use the Internet.

-ALWAYS move the mouse off the frame of the YouTube video. It’s dope you’re showing a video in class, but if you leave the mouse hovering, the bar at the bottom with the timestamp and play button is never going to disappear, and nobody is going to pay attention because we’ll be preoccupied by how much we hate that and thus you.

-No, we can’t hear the sound in the back if you just play the audio from your laptop. Please just learn how to get to System Preferences to switch the output.

-Minimize (ideally, close) your other tabs before connecting to your device, especially your email. You’ll save yourself and us a lot of potential embarrassment.

-The HDMI cord just doesn’t go in the USB port.

-If you really can’t get it to work, don’t just give up! Ask the class––there’s bound to be at least one asshole waiting to leap up and save the day––or dial the number labeled “Media Assistance” that is on the wall literally for this reason.

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