Harvard-Yale Game 2009: the Mory’s comeback begins

While Mory’s was open—yes, this is dating me—I was a big fan. It was ironic, I guess: I would go with my bff Hannah regularly, often at our preferred lunch hour, when fares were lower and the Welsh rarebit was available. Lots of good memories of dressing up and being the youngest people in the room, all brought to a harsh end when the club went bankrupt last year. But it looks like things are turning around! I just got an e-mail from saying Mory’s is going to have a tent at this year’s Harvard-Yale tailgate, serving a full brunch for $50 (by reservation only) and baker’s soup and drinks for normal prices. They’ll also be showing plans for the renovated building. Exciting! I doubt I’ll splurge for the full brunch, but a cup of baker’s soup will be a nice Proustian madeline for second semester freshman year.

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