Harvard-Yale Game 2009: If only I could sell my identity!

I have never bought tickets to the Game—perhaps my favorite day of the year—knowing that the crazy fervor of the halftime would allow me easy access to the stadium. Plus, I think if you’re a student at Yale you just show your ID (at least when the Game’s here) so half the time, I don’t even need tickets. But apparently, some (assumedly, non-Yale students) are so into the idea of going to the see the Oldest Campus Rivalry in America being performed that they’re willing to shell out some big bucks to participate. 69 bucks! The pricey seats are being sold (assumedly on the BLACK MARKET) on StubHub, and are located in section “28-A” of the Stadium. Sounds close to the field! But I think if I were to shell out cash for entry, I might feel guilty not entering…the last thing I want to feel when I’m on a leather couch in the SigEp tailgate. In fact, knowing that I will probably only go inside the Yale Bowl for 10 minutes—is anyone interested in buying my Yale ID for the day? You won’t have guaranteed seats—I’ve often sat in between bewildered alumni families in past years—and you would assumedly have to look wan, pale and red-headed for the ticketcheckers to believe you were me. So as for the price—I’ll settle for $68. Not a penny more or less.

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  1. Fall '07 says:

    The SAE tailgate is going to OBLITERATE the SigEp tailgate. Wait and see, Mr. Blogman. Wait and see.

  2. joe says:

    will there be a couch? a chaise? a BED?

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