It Is Chicken Tenders Day Today

Let the celebration commence!  Marvel at the precision of the breading; the cornucopia of sauces.  And never fear – with the aid of new, cutting edge technology you will never miss a chicken tenders day again!


Not only does this almost unbelievably awesome website tell you whether or not it’s chicken tenders day in the dining halls, but if you give it your phone number IT WILL TEXT YOU WHEN IT IS CHICKEN TENDERS DAY.  If you sign up, every day that there are chicken tenders in the dining hall you will wake up to this test:


Your morning will be made, and you will know to cancel any out-of-dining-hall lunch plans you might have made and rush to your respective hall as soon as humanly possible.

This life-altering (seriously) website was created by Yale’s own Bay Gross on Chicken Tenders Day September 8th, and since then 160 people have signed up for text alerts (including me).  When asked if he had any help in creating the site, Bay simply said:


“I couldn’t have done it without the genius of Yale Dining, whose foresight and hand-breaded persistence have changed so many lunches for the better.”

A true hero.

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  1. justine says:

    this is the best photo

  2. ronald says:

    nothing better than SAUCE

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