Franco to teach a “Special Class” in January

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Saturday 7/17 on Good Morning America was very Yale-centric.  First, our favorite Heartthrob turned Yale Grad student James Franco came on the show to talk about his new spot on “General Hospital” where he plays an artist named Franco.  Apparently Franco (the actor) just opened an art show in New York and considers his acting in “General Hospital” to be a piece of performance art.  I’m pretty sure it’s just bad acting with worse lighting, but Franco can call it whatever he wants.

Then the segment segways into Franco-as-deep-thinker: “If it seems like Franco is a deep thinker, he is”, said the host of Good Morning America before asking Franco if he thinks he’s going to teach.  “I am going to teach,” said Franco, “at Yale.  It’s in the works.  I have a very special class that I will be teaching next January.”

Last we heard he was just hoping to TA a class, but is Franco really going to teach something?  And what?  Is he taking over for Bloom in January?  “Acting for English Majors”? “James Franco, A Comparative Study”?  “Me”?

Next Yalie Sam Lee’s band Magic Man had a song featured on Good Morning America’s “my three words” segment. The song was “Daughters”, which you can (and should) download for free at Magic Man’s website.

You can watch Franco and Lee‘s segments on the ABC website.

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  1. Boogs says:

    I predict VERY unhappy advanced graduate students if this proves to be the case. It’s extremely difficult for Sixth Years to get TF’ing assignments now and PTAIs aren’t plentiful. I would be very interested to know the precedent for it. In fact, I don’t think any graduate student can teach a course until he or she has sat qualifying exams and had a prospectus approved.

  2. […] a “very special” class. Yale’s response has been appropriately skeptical, with The Yale Herald snarkily asking what on earth he’s going to contribute. Well, he would up the hotness level at conferences approximately a gazillion […]

  3. grad student says:

    If Franco gets his own class, well, fuck that.

    Will he be donating his $25,000/year stipend to a local charity?

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