James Franco: “F*ck the Yale Daily News”

Back to New Haven from the Oscars at lightning speed and James Franco is already upset with something the YDN has done. He posted this photo to his Facebook account just 39 minutes ago. At post time it already had 338 likes and 89 comments.

What could he be so upset about? Today’s Cross Campus mentioned that he was “spotted in New Haven Monday Morning”, a fact that the YDN seems to have lifted from Justine’s post yesterday– a Bullblog writer spotted Franco at 9am in Starbucks on Monday. For once, we’re not all that upset that the YDN decided to use our content without citing.

Check back as we try to uncover the source of Franco’s discontent.

UPDATE: Of course! We forgot about Cokey Cohen’s blog post on Saturday on the WEEKEND blog (or is it just Cross Campus? We don’t get it) that criticized Franco’s Twitter account. Cohen wrote, “James Franco, your Twitter sort of sucks.”

Correction: YDN sources confirm that they also spotted Franco in New Haven Monday morning.

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  1. lucy says:

    Seriously. Who gives a shit. If you’re in the ivy league aren’t you supposed to be mature? Stop fan girling and get back to your amazing education, let the poor mofo go about his business.

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