James Franco Presents: The James Franco Musical (at Yale!)

James Franco 2 discussing Harvey MilkHe’s been spotted on campus, (in person and on paper), he promised to teach us a class, he did his homework before playing outside… all while starring in Howl and 127 Hours and preparing to host the Oscars. Now he’s also producing a play at Yale most subtly titled, “James Franco Presents”.

Here’s what the show page says:

“James Franco Presents” is the story of a girl dealing with the realities of love and life once she realizes she can’t hide behind the wonderful fantasies of fiction. A comedic drama, this musical incorporates film and live musical theater to tell the story of a cast struggling to write and produce a musical that is grounded in high school realities but with a sci-fi twist. Sex, blood, and surrealism to be expected.

The show, which will be going up in April, is written and directed by Ari Berkowitz. Though we haven’t heard yet from Ari, the plot sounds like it could be based on her experience writing and directing Twilight: A Britney Spears Musical last year. That still doesn’t really explain exactly how Franco is “presenting” the show, not just “producing” it, but I’ll trust their judgment.  Still, I wonder why they didn’t go with “Ari Berkowitz Presents”… it’s just as catchy! Or wait, maybe they mean “presents” as in Christmas presents? Maybe the girl in the play gets James Franco as a present while trying to write and produce a musical while trying to deal with the realities of love and life…. Or maybe we should just wait to see it in April.

They’re holding auditions on January 16th and 17th so SIGN UP NOW.

Picture courtesy Wikimedia commons.

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