Last-minute costume ideas

Simple, social, sexy

Halloween started last night, which means that everyone (read: your one really enthusiastic suitemate) is expecting you to wear a costume tonight. If you still don’t have any ideas, then don’t worry—the answer is just a Walgreen’s trip away. You can be:

Fun, flirty, fierce

1) A shower. Walk around in a towel and hold shampoo.

2) Hallmark. Buy five cards (of different sentiments) and attach them to your body.

3) A sex machine. Tape condoms to a fan and wear the whole thing as a hat.

4) Snack guy/girl. Buy a bunch of Doritos and hand them out at parties. It’s not a costume, but nobody will care because you’re giving out free Doritos.

5) A Greek life mixer. Walk around with Greek salad dressing and cranberry juice.

These are all viable options.  If I see someone doing #4, I expect extra Doritos as a token of appreciation.

Photo courtesy of flick user jumpyjodes.


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