Library Hoppin’ Part III: Calhoun

Let's be real these books were last touched in 1961.

Let's be real these books were last touched in 1961.

With a whole lot of wood, a whole lot of leather, and a whole lot of books, Calhoun’s library is about as old-school as it gets.  Unfortunately, the main room only has a small handful of workable tables, and space can get pretty tight.  The upper, more modern “Study Room” has more tables and more space, but neither area is particularly ideal for studying with a group.  Also, as we head into the winter months and Yale begins its campaign to melt the entirety of the student body, it can become unbearably stifling in the library.

Though the windows opening out onto Elm Street let in a lot of light, they also happen to open out onto Elm Street, the most unnecessarily noisy one-way street in the whole wide world.  (Why I’m at my most efficient when listening to Beyoncé but completely thrown off task by the sound of a car horn  is one of the great mysteries of my life.)

If you’re really looking to be productive, I’d head over to the nice carrels next-door, which are much brighter and quieter. Plug in your headphones, blast the Queen B, and get that paper done! (Or at least watch the Countdown video four times in a row uninterrupted).

Brightness: 7

Conduciveness to Getting Sh!t Done: 8

Conduciveness to Sleeping: 6 (Why are these couches so goddamn enticing?)

Overall: 8

(Also, can we just take this moment to acknowledge how dramatically John C. Calhoun’s looks deteriorated over the course of his life? Oof.)

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