Library Hoppin’ Part IV: Davenport

Searching for a space to satisfy the diverse tastes of all your most discerning library-goers?  Look no further than Dport.  For the purist, we’ve got your traditional set-up, with all the wood-paneling, matching-bound volumes, and pictures of men in wigs that your Oxford-emulating heart could desire.  (Why, yes, that is Sir Ralph Abercromby, Knight of the Bath!)  This area is surprisingly spacious and bright, and four little nooks in the corners create a sense of privacy if you want it.

For the more modern library-goer, the next-door “Annex” offers a clearer, airier space and a row of disgustingly roomy carrels (they put Bass’s solitary confinement chambers to shame), each with its own big window onto the courtyard so that you can’t forget about the existence of an outside world.

Dport’s only downside is that, as it’s right above the dining hall, the symphony of scraping plates and obnoxious laughs tends to waft upwards if you come to the library during mealtime (although this could come in handy for those single-minded studiers who need a reminder to eat).

In short, whether you want to take advantage of a contemporary library space, or continue to indulge your fantasy of being in the Yale College Class of 1907, Dport’s library is guaranteed to please.

Conduciveness to Getting Sh!t Done: 9

Brightness: 10

Conduciveness to Sleeping: 7

Overall: 9

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