LISTEN: Soon-to-be President Peter Salovey is in a bluegrass band!


Have you seen Salovey’s mustache? Have you heard his music? It’s incredible. His research on emotional intelligence is ground-breaking and important. Guys…Salovey is great.

President Levin is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, but one thing he sure wasn’t was fun—it was never fun with Dick and Jane. Sure, they hosted Yale undergrads at their house for the annual Levinween networking mixer, but did he experiment with facial hair? No. He didn’t. Did he play the double-bass in a bluegrass band? Nooope. Does he sit down when he pees? Idk, why are you asking me that?

As an academic, Salovey was responsible for helping to develop the concept of emotional intelligence, which is this really useful thing that we should all know about. It’s pretty much a theory of how people understand their own emotions, and what they do with them. According to the New York Times report, the concept crossed over into other academic circles, and into popular use.

Congrats Provost P. You’re going to be great. Big ups on your new position. Wanna collaborate on a music project? Do you make beats?

Salovey. You’re a tight guy. Let’s chill—