Lookin’ fresh on film


In case you have forgotten how much fun freshman year was with the constant “remind me of your name again?” and people shoving flyers into your face, the Yale Office of Public Affairs and Communication has made some “frosh related videos”  to remind you! The first one features a welcome to New Haven by Claire of Claire’s Corner Copia in which she says that “you can’t be part of New Haven without being part of Yale” which just feels wrong.  The second one is equally bizarre in that it is just a montage of video clips from freshman move-in day that was put together in a way that makes one feel as though someones little brother did it while he was bored and tied of moving boxes.

The last video is the most mind-boggling because it interviews freshman at probably the scariest event of the year, the extracurricular bazaar, and asks about their freshman year thus far. Not surprisingly, since the freshmen can’t be heard over the din of people asking if they care about infectious diseases, the video instead just picks out the key words such as “hectic” and “overwhelming.”  The real question, of course, is whether they will continue these videos for the rest of the semester.  Will we get to see freshmen’s impressions of Safety Dance? Of midterms? Of freshman screw? Please say yes!

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