Monday Music Wrap-Up

Album artwork. (wikimedia commons)

The Upbeat

All the Days by Haerts

HAERTS originally began in a pool in Germany– actually. Founding members Nini and Ben met when they were on a swim team together in their teens. After moving to America and collaborating with St. Lucia producer Jean-Philip Grobler, the couple completed the band with a drummer, bassist, and guitarist. Aritzia Magazine put together the below video, which features the song. The vignette reflects the haunting pop well… mostly because I can’t tell if that dance hall is my dream or nightmare.


The Downbeat

Sea of Dreams by Baby Alpaca (Turbotito Remix)

Baby Alpaca is a relatively new band, but their blend of psychedelic and folk music has quickly gained traction. The smooth sounds are made even smoother in this Turbotito remix, but I suggest you also check out the band’s EP. The duo proves they can provide slower rock anthems as well as more experimental pop sounds. Plus, if you check out their website you’ll see the source of the band’s name. Hint: the lead singer’s mane looks about as fluffy as the downy coat of a certain Peruvian mammal. Or maybe they’re tryin to make sounds as soft as a baby alpaca. In either case, I’m into it.


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