Monday music wrap-up

Slampiece Smith (wikimedia commons)

The Upbeat

Money on My Mind by Sam Smith (Salute Remix)

Sam Smith had a huge couple of years. If you’ve seen videos of any of his live performances, then you understand his success. He has the voice of a cherub angel and the mane of a baby unicorn. If you haven’t seen those vids, prepare yourself for a two to three hour youtube marathon. Your professor will understand. Smith plans to release “Money on My Mind” on February 16th, but this remix is a nice preview.


The Downbeat

Illuminate by LUUUL featuring Amanda Roi

Belgian producer LUUUL is at the ripe old age of 19, and he has already worked with powerhouses Iggy Azalea and Röyksopp. This song is relaxing– Amanda Roi’s voice floats over pulsing synth and repetitive bass. The effect is numbing. In the best way. Look out for more of these Belgian LUUULlabies, especially as producers are becoming more prominent in a lot of pop and electronic music.


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