Monday Music Wrap-Up

(wikimedia commons)

The Upbeat

High by Peking Duk featuring Nicole Millar

I love Peking Duck. So whoever decides to name a band after the Chinese dish has my vote. Plus, Peking Duk’s album art is hilarious. The Australian duo seems to know what’s up. And “High” is what’s up!!! It’s pretty generic house music (sexy female voice, lyrics about drugs) but the beat is interesting and uplifting.


The Downbeat

Drunk in Love by Beyoncé (The Weeknd remix)

It’s risky to mess with Bey (SHE IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKS), but remixes of “Drunk in Love” are now popping up left and right. First Diplo, then The Weeknd, and today Kanye West’s remix surfaced. But I think The Weeknd’s track warrants a post. The hit becomes a lot slower and smoother with his R&B tone. And he says “BB” a lot. And I really like his hair.

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