Monday Music Wrap-Up

Guts album art (wikimedia commons)

The Upbeat

3005 by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino, aka TROY on Community (what I really love him for), just released this new track. I like Gambino, and especially this track, cause he’s doin good things for the nerd-rap genre. He doesn’t try too hard to fit into this category, yet he still can pull off romantic raps like this, defying the women-hatin, hoe-lovin norm that is most of modern rap. But F*** B*****S get $$, cuz October Break is ToMoRrOwwWw!! And you can listen to 3005 to celebrate!

The Downbeat

Laisser Lucie Faire by Guts

In classic French style, it was harder to find info on this Parisian DJ than it is to find a squirrel on campus these days (btw, this should become a game similar to Punch Buggie (no punch backs), except whenever you spot a squirrel it can be like SQUIRREL SLAP or something). When I did finally find his blog,, Guts proved to be the coolest DJ to come outta Paris/the Balearic Islands ever, and that’s not just cuz he’s the only human I’ve heard of who’s actually lived in The Balearic Islands. He’s collaborated with The Roots, De La Soul, and Common, among others. And his self-categorized Pura Vida music is definitely chill. Laisser Lucie Faire is a personal favorite, ’cause the beat is just grand. Check out his other stuff on his blog, though! When it comes to his music, Guts has got sum serious… balls!



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