Monday Music Wrap Up

A classically gritty M&M album cover (wikimedia commons)

The Upbeat

Love Game by Eminem featuring Kendrick Lamar

Eminem’s still alive? The question we were all wondering and too afraid to ask. But yeah, the real Slim Shady’s alive n’ kicking, and after his third facelift he’s ready to drop ┬áhis new album! Tomorrow! In his honor, I thought I’d go ahead and put up one of his tracks tonight. The quality of the video is crappy, because Eminem is v legit, thus he has a v legit copyright team that finds these leaked videos etc. BUT listen up tonight and buy tomorrow: this track featuring Kendrick Lamar is really fun. They rap over a groovy old background beat and Kendrick even sings!


The Downbeat

Medusa by Gems

The synth-y nostalgia of 80s pop, the deep resonation of some bass and electronic chords, and the classic romance of a breathy chick singing to a baritone dood combine to make the dreamy pop that is Gems. This track, “Medusa,” is actually the namesake for the EP the duo will be releasing on November 12th, and it’s pretty clear why the single is their headliner. It places you cruising through a dream-scape that only seems comparable to what I’d imagine Las Vegas lights to be like through a foggy window. Weird and hazy and kinda depressing. And with that, I’m gonna hit up a Vegas-sized XXL Diet Coke and drown my sorrows in work.


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