One Night in Ohio


Recently, two porn videos made their way onto the oil and gas section of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ webpage, including a video entitled “sexy babe”.  This title is disappointing; they could have at least given it an interesting title like “Cleavage in Cleveland”.

A spokesman for the Department said that someone was using the site for cloud storage and “unfortunately that (putting porn videos on an official government agency’s website) happens.”

First off, is that something that actually happens?  I don’t remember Kim and Ray J showing up on the State Department’s site during my lifetime, although if it was possible in his day, I’ll bet Millard Fillmore would have figured out how to do it.

Second, do people really store their porn in the cloud?  I have never really understood what the cloud is, so I can only imaging that people who actively download porn don’t know either.  “Sexy babe” doesn’t exactly sound like it is the Inception of porn films so I can only imaging that the guy watching it is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I’m sure that somewhere along the line this can all be traced back to Bill Clinton playing an amazing prank.

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